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WebApp Version 10.6.5 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Disable Print Invoice & Delivery in Orders if Delivery is not sent

  • New UI for Customer form

  • Add column supplier name in export delivery income detail + Export

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Payment Received if filtered specific date not showing the payment method

  • Fix destination address not showing in delivery print

  • Fix Inventory allocated show error result when export

  • Fix Customer Number identification not saved if created from sell

  • Fix customer form pricebook column showing the repetitive pricebook

  • Fix Send Customer Delivery showing unclear error if not enough inventory

  • Fix Reports-Top Customer Export - API Error 500

  • Fix Delivery-OutletDelivery Print in 8cm, note not visible

  • Fix Inventory at date Export different with ui

  • Fix Export Purchase Report Detail not showing supplier name

  • Fix Filter date not working in accounting

  • Fix hyperlink from Payment - Daily not found

  • Fix Composite Inventory showing inventory value eventhough 1 of the components has 0 inventory

  • Fix Product Sold - Compare by Month error if the month in filter is changed

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