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Marketplace Version 1.7.4 Changelog


System Improvement:

  • Add expiry date for shopee in channel list


Based on Shopee terms and service, the Integration between your DealPOS account and Shopee is limited to 1 year only per authorization. You can check your expiration in the GIF above and renew your expiration with this following Article: How To Renew Your Shopee Authorization

  • Add filter and search box in custome channel price

search in price.gif

You can now search a certain product in Price menu! Simply type the 'Product SKU' into the search box.

filter in price.gif

You can also filter the product based on the different between each platform (DealPOS & Marketplace) by simply filtering it!

  • Update outlet price to channel is available in custome channel price page

update price.gif

You can now update the outlet prices directly to selected Marketplace channel!

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