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WebApp Version 10.7.3 Changelog


Bug Fixes

  • Fix Count Product Inventory Blank Export Results

  • Fix Import Product with remove column supplier, supplier data existing in system is lost

  • Fix when pricebook has required minimum 1 quantity, not automated to apply pricebook price

  • Fix fix button apply promotion not changing to remove after selected the product

  • Fix Composite Inventory attempt to divide by zero when the ratio is 0 it will be changed to 1

  • Fix Outlet Destination not showing in Outlet Delivery Printing

  • Fix new subscription request from my subscription return error discount value (1%)

  • Fix Released time in Product info showing double time

  • Fix Customer title not showing in receipt mini

  • Fix Price is not return to normal when the qty is changed from Pricebook qty to Normal qty

  • Fix SELL V2 - quantity does not create in new row when inputting a new product using the +(f4) button

  • Fix Title in Customer not showing in Customer Delivery Printing & Invoice 8cm

  • Fix Identification not showing in Print A4 from Orders even if the config is yes

  • Fix printing due days not same with setting in sell

  • Fix Unit Price Editor role not working in Sell

  • Fix if assign pricebook on variant, while edit item the price is wrong

  • Fix Adding product with restricted outlet user not applying all outlet inventory to 0

  • Fix Config ProfitTaxCalculationType Config not working at report detail

  • Fix Payment - Method Analysis has no outlet restriction

  • Fix Error if Credit Due is filled in Customer

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