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WebApp Version 10.5.9 Changelog


New Features

  • Show allocated inventory information in Inventory by Category and if clicked will direct to Products to Deliver page

System Improvement

  • New Modal UI for Fulfillment (Shipping) in Sell

  • Optimize Shift for better performances

  • Show Weight in Outlet Delivery Info

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Fulfillment Outlet is not according to assigned outlet when edit

  • Fix auto focus is not in Product if there is Opening Cash

  • Fix Fulfillment Status is not according to the status set when create

  • Fix when add qty or edit product in Sell not showing the product name at the header

  • Fix Negative Inventory is directing to fail page instead of just showing error

  • Fix filter include description in Variant List

  • Fix auto complete for email when sell complete

  • Fix Fulfillment can't be edited when park and retrieve

  • Fix Sell can't be opened in several account

  • Fix Customer Info showing broken html code

  • Fix arrow key not working in Sell for Product and Customer

  • Fix Bill function in Sell

  • Fix Page Outlet Inventory Traffic Summary - simple view error

  • Fix cannot send email if input new email address

  • Fix sell V2 modal note not assign default currency

  • Fix Export Report Detail error if filtered by specific date

Removed Feature

  • Remove unused conversion in POS config in Currency form

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