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WebApp Version 10.4.7 Changelog


New Features

  • Show info for ROP in EOD

  • New Page for Payment Received View for Today, now the received page only shows the payments that came in that day

System Improvements

  • Deepen checking Midtrans Server key whether to use the internal dealpos key server or the customer's own key server

  • Sending an email to our internal email if there is an error when payment using midtrans

  • Add Verify Payment Button when paying with QRIS, so if during internet transactions it turns off, the payments made are verified manually

gif qris.gif

  • Move promotion discount from Button discount to button promotion, now promotion can be applied on the promotion button, not on the discount button anymore

gif sell promotion.gif

  • Optimization for Daily Payment Page

  • Minor Improvement in Contact - Sales Person page (additional checkbox so you can suspend sales person + issue sales person status when exported and remove buttons that are rarely used)

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