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Marketplace Version 2.3.5 Changelog


Product List Card New Interface

as DealPOS is constantly striving to be a better and more relevant omnichannel product, we did some improvements to our User Interface, especially on the Product List Page.

  1. We change the first default page to Sold In Channel, after a brief consideration, Sold In Channel is the page that the seller will need the most.

  2. We limit the maximum number of channel icons that appear to 3 icons, if it exceeds we will add it to the dropdown.

  3. We also reposition the Upload and Scan for a single product button.

Sold in Channel - Scan Updated Product

Scan Product Update is useful when you only want to scan for new products that were not previously available in the marketplace because this scan will map product products after the last Last Scan time.

With the Scan Updated Products, it is hoped that it will prevent frequent scan failures because previously we only provided full product scans.

Currently, Scan Update Products are available for Shopee and Tiktok shop

Inventory Single Channel Comparison - Refresh Inventory from Channel

If there is a stock change made from the seller center resulting in the stock not being updated on To refresh the stock to match the seller center, we provide a refresh button so that the stock can match what is in the seller center

Add Pagination in Inventory Multi-Channel Comparison

Add Extend Button For Update Expiration for Tiktok Shop

If Tiktok shop has expired, Just press the + button to extend the expiration date

Bug Fixes :

  • Cannot Add Shopee Channel

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