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Marketplace Version 1.8.2 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Channel configuration - Synchronize Order is now automatically filled based on outlet selected.

2021-08-30 16-43-40.gif

As per now, the default Sync Order position will be a 'No', after you set the 'New Order To' outlet, the position will be turning to 'Yes'

Bug Fixes:

  • Error filter in Multi Channel comparison if filtered by 'Difference', Tokopedia's inventory will always returning X

  • Test button for shopee channel is error when configuration is not completed

  • Error Handler for Tokopedia & Shopee Exception Order

  • Error Download Order from Tokopedia

  • Error convert invoice for Tokopedia Orders

  • Error Scan channel from tokopedia with 'full' option

  • Error download product from tokopedia if it does not have any variants

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