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Marketplace Version 2.4.1 Changelog


We’re going to be releasing a slew of improvements that might be useful for you

Below you’ll find what the development team is already wrapping up for this update, as well as a list of all the bugs we exterminated this week. Let’s go!

Upload Product to Multiple Channel

Many channels are currently not a problem when you want to upload a new product, because we will be launching a feature to upload products to several channels at once.

we love this feature as it increases the speed for uploading products to the channel, let's do it soon and get lots of buyers

Update User Interface for Not in channel & Duplicate SKU
Not in Channel

The difference from the previous Not in channel is that we provide information Available In and Not Available In, hopefully, you can quickly make a decision to upload a product on a channel that doesn't exist

Duplicate SKU

If you sell a product with the same SKU with a different name, you can monitor all of those products on this page. Currently, we have compiled all duplicate SKUs based on Product Name and Channel. In each product, this will display how many products with the same SKU are in each channel.

Scan Single Product - Never hide an option Channel

All channels will be visible in the dropdown list when you want to scan a single product, unfortunately, this feature can only be used for Tiktok and Tokopedia.

Previously we did not show the channel when channel was already mapped in the product. But after we thought that you still need a single product scan when there is a name change or other information at the seller center

Bring back the scan channel on IN POS page

New User Interface - Variant Information

We changed the layout of the variant information so that can clearly see the product name / Price / Inventory of each channel in each variant in POS

Minor Improvement

  • Change Toaster when the product upload has exceeded the limit of the channel

  • Change Toaster when Shopee Expiration (Scan Channel, Update inventory, etc)

  • Implement Pagination in Not in POS

  • Implement Big Picture in sold in channel

Bug fixing

  • Fix Cannot download multiple products in Not in POS

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