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Marketplace Version 2.4.3 Changelog


Change Position Page in Products

We have analyzed which pages are most needed by most customers, therefore we changed the position on the products menu page and provided a tooltip in the form of an explanation of each page:

Here are the most recent positions :

Sold in channel : SKU has been mapped between dealpos and marketplace
Not in POS : SKU sold in marketplace but not exist in DealPos
Not in channel : SKU has not been sold on one of channels
In POS : Products have been registered in POS
Duplicate SKU : SKU has more than one different product name

Minor Improvement :

  • Change tooltip in channel type

  • Tidy Up - Variant information in Not in POS

  • Sold in Channel - Add Filter Item ID

  • Add Pagination and Handling search product in Duplicate SKU

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix IN POS - Cannot Upload product to channel

  • Fix Sold in channel - Scan single product - still enable scan channel except for tiktok and tokopedia

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