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Marketplace Version 2.4.6 Changelog


Synchronous and Asynchronous Scan Channel

Previously, we only provided channel scans with the Synchronous method. With this method, you cannot perform any process while running the scan. Imagine if you have a lot of products it will definitely take a long time for the scan process, and the possibility of request time out will definitely exist

That's why we provide a new method in channel scan that is asynchronous. With this method, the scan will run in the background so you can perform any process during the scan process. And when the scan is complete there will be a toaster that appears and is recorded in the notification menu

Download order with stepper

In this update we provide a stepper when downloading orders so that it can display the sequence of steps when downloading orders, you can return to the previous order by clicking on the navigation before your position is

Minor Improvement

  • Handling Double SKU in Inventory and Price Menu

  • Price Comparison - Move position for filter difference prices to header column

  • Implement Big picture in multiple listed SKU and not in channel

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot download product from shopee

  • Orders - Wrong hyperlink in Invoice number

  • Channel test Shopee - Change error message when invalid token

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