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Marketplace Version 2.6.6 Changelog


Starting up the 2023 year with some exciting January updates below!

Print Shipping Label

We are very excited to announce that in this update release we can add a feature to print shipping label from several marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee and Tiktok Shop.

With this feature, it is hoped that it can cut operational time when packing and sending orders, because you no longer need to print invoice labels from Seller Center, we have provided everything at Awesome

Product Download by URL (Tokopedia)

Activities that are often carried out when there are new products are SCAN Channels, It's very tiring if when you scan a channel it often times out because there are lots of products. Maybe you already know that Shopee and Tiktok already have a "Scan Update Products" feature. Using this scan, product scans will run according to the Last Scan date. So, what about Tokopedia? At Tokopedia, we made a feature to download products based on URLs. With this feature, you only need to copy the product URL on Tokopedia to download to POS. It's easy, right !!

Minor Improvement

  • Move LAZADA channel to normal channel

  • Change Toaster in download product

Bug Fixes

  • Orders Complete Status - Wrong hyperlink when click invoice number

  • Cannot scan tiktok if have product with inventory is null

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