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Marketplace Version 2.8.2 Changelog


Implement Role in

In this update, we implement roles in so users will be limited access if they don't have specific roles. You can be setting the role in the user menu in the pos system.

The following roles are required and their explanation

Minor Improvement :

  • Orders - Add Column channel and tidy up table width

  • Log Menu - Add Request Json in Channel Webhook Exception Column

  • Channel - Add search and filter by type

  • Handling unsync product when delete product from tokopedia seller center

    When a product in the seller center is deleted, it will automatically unsync the product in

  • Channel - Add test button in channel info

  • Inventory - Edit inventory maximum 200.000 (Only Tokopedia)

    On Tokopedia there is a maximum inventory limit of 100,000, so currently you cannot edit / update inventory in tokopedia exceed 100,000.

  • Order - Hide accept order from tokopedia

  • Download order - add export

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