🛍️ Marketplace Version 3.11.7


Improvement & New Feature :

  • New Tokopedia Channel Configuration - Product Size Chart!

Recently, Tokopedia has required sellers to attach their Size Chart to each product they upload. You can upload and attach your product upload link in the Tokopedia Channel Configuration.

Please note that this configuration URL is set globally, so if you have a different size chart for each product, you need to manually change it in your Tokopedia Seller Center.

  • Change the terminology in the Sync Log

    • 1 - New Order -> Create Sales Order

    • 2 - Ready to Ship -> Convert Sales Order To Invoice

    • 3 - Shipped -> Create Invoice

    • 4 - Completed -> Create Outbound Logistic & Create Payment

    • Void Invoice (NEW)

  • Add an Export feature in the Price menu

Now you can download your product data in the Price menu! The export button is available everywhere in the price menu.

  • Add an Export feature in Product - Product Not In Channel

  • Improve Tiktok shipping label download time

  • Add validation mark in channel configuration & improve UX in POS configuration

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Tokopedia-related product issue: the process is successful but nothing happens.

  • Fix the Tokopedia toaster error giving an unclear error message

  • Fix quantity decimal with nullable option

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