🛍️ Marketplace Version 2.9.4 Changelog


Minor Improvement :

  • Channel - Add Pop-up Dialog if set up outlet and tag is not unique
    We show a warning in the form of a pop up dialog if you have the wrong channel configuration in the form of an outlet and a tag that is not unique. If the channel is not configured correctly it will result in the dashboard page issuing incorrect data.

  • Orders - Change format print Shipping label (Resi) from tiktokshop
    Currently we are changing the receipt format to a format that displays the product name

  • Channel Lazada - Showing Expiration date
    We showing up the expiration date from Lazada so you can find out when it is necessary to re-authorize the channel with dealpos

  • Tokopedia - handling looping for update price and inventory every 100 sku
    in the documentation API from tokopedia it states that tokopedia only allows only 100 SKUs when updating prices and inventory in 1 request,

    Therefore we try to handle the looping mechanism every 100 SKUs to make it easier for you when you want to update lots of prices or inventory in 1 request

Bug Fixing :

  • Scan channel from Woocomerce - Only scan 10 variants from 1 product

  • Print Shopee Shipping label - Exception Message

  • Scan single Product - Disable auto select channel if have only 1 channel

  • Channel - Wrong channel name in display

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