🛍️ Marketplace Version 3.6.0 Changelog


Minor Improvement :

  • Dashboard - Page not authorize
    To access dashboard and view reports, you need 3 roles:

    • Dashboard

    • Report

    • Outlet

    Previously, If you use a user that does not have one of the roles., the page would be blank without any information. In this update, we provide information on the required roles.

  • Configure Channel - Give Warning Gradient in field required
    There are several fields that need to be selected when configuring a channel to make it ready for use. To facilitate finding which fields are required, we provide a yellow gradient.

  • Change menu Report to Sync Log

  • [Log Inventory - Async Inventory] Add Filter by Response Code

  • Authorize Shopee - Handling Shopee Country Domain

    In the previous version, we hardcoded all Shopee domains to be '' (Indonesia), which caused issues with the product URLs becoming incorrect. Currently, we store the 'region' for all countries when authorizing an account.

  • [Update Inventory & Price] Change error message
    Changing the error message to be more descriptive when updating inventory/price but the product is no longer available in the seller center.

Bug Fixes :

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