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WebApp Version 10.6.8 Changelog


New Feature

  • Add Custom Payment Type Configuration to add new section in Sell - Payment

System Imporvements

  • Add New Filter for Sales Person in Report - Category

  • Add new column for Credit due and Description in Supplier Form

  • Give Colour Gradation at Fulfillment Button if delivery status is later

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Export Allocated Inventory showing column number in row 1

  • Fix supplier delivery when edit, the number automatically populate _2

  • Fix print transfer with serial

  • Fix Export Supplier Contact Error

  • Fix Total RowCount inventory by category not show

  • Fix Inventory By Outlet error when click "Last"

  • Fix [InventoryDetail-FilterQuantityFromTo set -1000] Export with Outlet Error

  • Fix Upload Image in payment invoice detail cannot submit

  • Fix Export report detail & export complete detail - surcharge wrong amount

  • Fix Supplier in Customer Table if delete it will delete the record in Purchase Summary

  • Fix Import Promotion coupons made today, are automatically filtered as expired promotion and add property Description for import

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