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WebApp Version 10.4.8 Changelog


System Improvements

  • Change role to edit inventory in variant edit from adjustment create to inventory edit. Previously, to be able to edit product variant stock, you needed to access adjustment create, now you only need to access inventory edit

  • Show total qty and items in invoice mini

gif struk.gif

Bug Fixes

  • Fix General Ledger Page Title Date not according to filtered date


  • Fix Config Payment Receive visible not work

gif shift.gif

  • Fix Regenerate Accounting Journal error SystemTextJson

  • Fix Role PriceVisibleRestriction not working in Products - Mobile Browser View

  • Fix Outlet Delivery time in list and detail show different time for .COM domain

  • Fix coupon manually typed can be submitted even though you haven't entered the coupon name

  • Fix Can't select outlet in Manufacture

gif manufacture.gif

  • Fix Peak Hour Report Pie Chart timezone is not according to timezone

gif report.gif

Known Issue: Surcharge not applied in SELL v2

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