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WebApp Changelog

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Version 10.3.5

System Improvement

  • Add filter for city in Contact
  • Next button in Report Detail showing 1,000 transactions
  • Expand export limit for Report Detail up to 10,000 + showing info how many transaction is exported per page
  • Remove Customer Display from POS and direct it to display.dealpos.app
  • Add new column for Received in Shift
  • Return COGS for FIFO
  • Search Note in Orders now support Supplier Bill, Adjustment and Delivery + add hyperlink to direct to transaction info
  • Add Stock log button in Product info
  • Add Pay All button in My Subscription page

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Customer not showing in Mobile View
  • Fix add new outlet cannot create transaction
  • Fix Top Supplier not ordered properly (should've ordered by qty from the most qty)
  • Fix Report Detail if filtered by outlet and then click next show wrong qty value
  • Fix Sort Variant from Product Form not applying in Product List

Removed Features

  • Remove Search in Dashboard
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