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WebApp Changelog


Version 10.3.7

System Improvement

  • Add New Export for Contact Detail (Add New Column in Export Contact for City, SignUp Outlet and Loyalty Point)

  • Handle to error when tokopedia send double delivery

  • Rearrange Report Menu Tab + Promote Monthly Sales and Sales Order Type to Main Tab

  • Enlarge Data export for Report Summary, Detail and Customer

  • Create paging export for Customer Delivery

  • Report Detail when click next adding 1,000 records

  • Add Filter By City in contact list and export

  • Pay from My Subscription now support $ (Dollar)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pay all subscription

  • Fix Total Report Detail show wrong amount when next button is clicked

  • Fix Print Shift not showing payment method amount

  • Fix Export Promotion Rewards if there is coma will move to next column

  • Fix blank entity name in outlet performance

  • Fix Total Receivable in Contact Detail and AR Detail show different value

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