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WebApp Version 10.8.4 Changelog


New Feature

System Improvement

  • Add filter brand in Product, inventory and report category

Bug Fixes

  • Fix duplicate invoice when bad connection
  • Fix buying cost discount applied in product unit price when selling process
  • Fix pricebook for spesific customer applied on new transaction
  • Fix support for unsent delivery for serialized product
  • Fix payment Made detail - Note column showing supplier bill note instead of payment note
  • Fix payment detail - Note with (,) disappear in export
  • Fix edit Shift - Opening and closing time wrong ( back 1 hour )
  • Fix product - Filter category error when not using bangkok, hanoi, jakarta for timezone
  • Fix user - Filter status error ( suspend Vs unsuspend )
  • Fix sell - Split payment disappears when activating the "CreditSalesLock" role in the Sell feature
  • Fix sell - API error 400 when have transaction not uploaded yet
  • Fix sell - Setup "Copy promotion Name" Not Working in promotion all product, Promotion Name not applied in Invoice Note
  • Fix cannot edit invoice with return coupon
  • Fix delivery - Incoming Goods by Delivery - Users with no Cost access still can see costs
  • Fix purchase return report - Value in total(Rp) column wrong

Version b 10.8.4

  • Fix cannot add new payment method
  • Fix cannot view jurnal in POS

Version c 10.8.4

  • Fix cannot assign payment method in
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