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WebApp Version 10.8.5 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Add "Collapse" button for hide side menu
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  • Add Button "Today" and "Clear" inside date picker in Invoice item and Product purchase history page
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  • After version 10.8.5 we can only access SellV1 by typing url to browser bar (/a/sell)
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Bug Fixes:

  • Fix delivery Invoice - Not showing customer identification
  • Fix config Park and Retrieve "print additional item only on re-park"
  • Fix filter date in Product sales dan purchase report always at 1 Jan 0001
  • Fix cannot split payment when editing customer invoice
  • Fix rounding apply in amount
  • Fix input surcharge from discount disappear when select payment method other than cash
  • Fix config "loyalty Point Visible" not running
  • Fix csv file in Export complete detail untidy when have space in item note
  • Fix roles "Payment Edit" doesn't work on Supplier Bill - write off button still appear
  • Fix sell - Adding item using (+) can't use enter to input
  • Fix csv file in Export Product by outlet in inventory untidy when have space in product name
  • Fix stock take by csv - exclude zero error
  • Fix Not appear toaster when client date not equal with server date
  • Fix daily statistic in Prepaid package doesn't display the date
  • Fix ap collection displays unpaid void invoice
  • Fix product Sales - Filter show inventory "YES" always show 0
  • Fix summary delivery of supplier bill still show TOTAL COST while dont have "COST" role
  • Fix credit due in contact not running in sell
  • Fix debt panel not appear when fill customer dont have loyalty point
  • Fix after apply promotion - select reward, promotion pop not up not appear again
  • Fix customer Delivery Printing not showing customer's title + move customer title from behind name to the front
  • Fix promotion Event Buy X get Y, the quantity of Rewards can be edited when making a sale.
  • Fix config "Copy promotion name" not running if using promotion tier
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