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WebApp Version 10.8.6 Changelog


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Config "open on new Item added" not working when scan product
  • Fix Config "Unique payment method on split" not working
  • Fix Product have more than 1 variant, variant not appear in inventory detail
  • Fix Import sales person still allow for duplicate
  • Fix Sales order type error when change receipt template blank
  • Fix Product sales report - filter by sales order type not running
  • Fix Sellv2 - Calculator dialog too far with product dialog
  • Fix SellV2 - Scrool bar cannot be click
  • Fix appear "New Outlet Confirmation" when add outlet
  • Fix tidy up outlet filter
  • Fix SellV2 Config "Park and retrieve" mode group not working
  • Fix Cannot click upload image buttion in receipt template and customer display system page
  • Fix Config "Unique payment method om split" not working
  • Fix Report category sales - click category product direct to sales by product page but filter not following categort sales
  • Fix SellV2 - Edit customer invoice with split payment, if have change price, receipt invoice show "Change" and order be exceed
  • Fix SellV2 click + button in quick key change url to quick key angular 12
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