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WebApp Version 10.8.8 Changelog


System Improvement:

  • Optimize Outlet and Setup Menu for faster and better performances

Bug Fixes :

  • Fix Config "Barcode Serial Enabled" not running, serial number not register after scanning serial in sell menu

  • Fix Customer Display and receipt template - delay when click Upload image button

  • Fix report sales Person - value in order column not appear

  • Fix report detail - OrderDiscountAmount column on Export and export complete detail wrong value when using minus discount (retur)

  • Fix config "Copy promotion Name" not working when using promotion discount per product in sell menu

  • Fix role "CreateContact" not working (User cannot create customer in sell menu)

  • Fix config "unique Payment Method on Split" not working for payment method cash

  • Fix export CSV on supplier delivery, supplier column is blank

  • Fix Can't Retrieve order with different Register

  • Fix Prepaid Package - Transaction Time always adding 1 hour in domain .com

  • Fix Couldn't find Reward Product with Code in Search box in sell menu

  • Fix the error message is not detailed when the customer has exceeded the Maximum Overdue

  • Fix Manufacture Can't Export from archive tab

  • Fix Estimate - Convert Invoice from estimate applied to Suspended Register

  • Fix Purchase Return- export file is blank

  • Fix If too many item when remove using (x) icon sometimes the product is not removed

  • Fix Supplier - click View Detail Purchase History still Showing All supplier

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