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WebApp Version 10.8.9 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • New Config for Remember Order Type from Previous Transaction

  • New experience when add multiple tax in Tax form

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Export Report Detail with Contact & Complete Detail not showing total transaction

  • Fix Sell V2 Config New Row Behaviour + Open on New Item Added not working properly when edit qty

  • Fix Category Sales Report not calculation discount amount per product

  • Fix When editing shift after submit it will create new shift

  • Fix Sell if Price column when editing the cart auto focus must be in Price input

  • Fix Expected and Received Payment Method not showing in Previous Shift when updating

  • Fix My Shift Back to POS button not directing back to sell

  • Fix Total Sales Person Sales Not Showing in Report - Sales Person

  • Fix Default tax in contact menu not working in sell V2

  • Fix Buy Calculation after payment different after supplier bill is created because of rounding

  • Fix Dashboard - Purchase Pane Visible hyperlink error

  • Fix Import item from CSV in Sell does not support Note column

  • Fix Customer Required if enabled and if input customer that doesn't exist it's not automatically open customer modal when pay button is clicked

  • Fix Sales Return if has discount amount per product will show double minus in the printing

  • Fix Print struck via sell, QR not detected when scan in TIA APP

  • Fix Tax Report - Tax & Service type not showing the value in the report

  • Fix Inventory at Date Breakdown Sold column blank

  • Fix Sales Return Invoice Number Hyperlink direct to wrong page

  • Fix cannot upload picture from supplier&customer info page

  • Fix Printing Config Separate return item erase discount amount per item in Printing a4

  • Fix Report Outlet Performance when export Sales column show different value that the UI

  • Fix Export Report Detail after changing the page still showing 1st page data

  • Fix Close Register Doesn't show closing notification

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