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WebApp Version 10.9.1 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Apply SellDateEditor Role in Estimate converting

  • [Inventory - Product by Outlet] add label "OutletName when Highlight to header

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Adding qty from edit product cart not adding the product's components

  • Fix [Adjustment - Stock Take by CSV] Backdate filter on stock take by csv in more option doesn't work

  • Fix [Sell - Note] Can't set note to be empty when edit Invoice

  • Fix Sales History if access from Variant when direct to the report the product and variant is blank

  • Fix Monthly Report graph Value is +1 from the month shown in the graph

  • Fix [Sell] Serialized product cannot edit price

  • Fix [Sell2 - When there's an error API 400 toaster during sell using pricebook for specified customer, the pricebook will set to wrong pricebook]

  • Fix Total transaction between report detail with report customer group is different

  • Fix Customer with over debt limit can make transaction

  • Fix Fulfillment Date doesn't recorded in Orders

  • Fix Loyalty Point from previous customer still can be applied

  • Fix [Supplier Bill - Receive] Receive Date doesn't record properly when the date is changed

  • Fix Generate Payment link not working

  • Fix [Inventory] -> Product by outlet sort by outlet can't work

  • Fix Cannot use Enter when add product using (+) button in SELL V2

  • Fix the notes tab in NEW SALE will closed when pressing Enter key

  • Fix Print Invoice after Sell show different format qty and items

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