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WebApp Version 11.9.1 Changelog


Minor Improvements:

  • Add column in purchase detail report

  • Show Initial & Write Off Qty While Close Partial Delivery

  • Add Options All in Discountinued filter Product By Outlet

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix When loyalty point disabled config in the customer group is “Yes”, the customer still be able to redeem their current point

  • Fix Sell Promotion discount all products disappear when inputting customer name

  • Fix Cannot Import Pricebook from Promotion

  • Fix There is no export button on tab ‘To Zero’

  • Fix When TransferOrderEditor is enabled, the user cannot send the requested transfer order

  • Fix Expired Promotion still applied in Sell

  • Fix Split Payment is not working properly

  • Fix Inventory Product by Outlet show javascript error when Product Code Config is enabled

  • Fix Inventory Timeline 1st request is through but after that show javascript error

  • Fix When Send Partial Logistic, Column “Quantity Received” Didn’t Appear

  • Fix Prepaid Package group roles without “create” cannot submit created prepaid package

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