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WebApp Version 10.9.9 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Add export on Inventory - Outlet inventory page

  • Add export to Payment - Payment method analysis

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Products] Role create doesn't work if role edit is not enabled

  • Fix [Product] Role cost has been turned off but can access Unit Cost by clicking Custom Outlet Price menu

  • Fix [Inventory Log] Invoice code has no Hyperlink

  • Fix [Contact] Customer address information in contact V2 is incomplete

  • Fix [Report - Summary] Export with Payment Method doesn’t show correct data

  • Fix [Product] Inventory log product V2 can’t be filtered by outlet

  • Fix [Product] Search bar on next page didn’t work

  • Fix [Sell - New Sale (F8)] After Press New Sale (F8), the cursor doesn’t go back to the Search Product Column

  • Fix [Product V2] - Cannot click add variant when create new product

  • Fix [Product] Cannot go to specified page

  • Fix [Product] purchase history didn’t show selected product

  • Fix [Contact] When clicking loyalty info it doesn't link to the info point

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