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WebApp Version 11.0.6 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • My Subscription - Add Toaster after Payment Complete

Bug Fix :

  • Fix [Sell] Change of Cash Payment not showing at Printed Invoice after sell and re print invoice

  • Fix [Sell] When inputting many products / Import it doesn't automatically scroll down to see the last product input

  • Fix [Setup-Config] Cannot change deposit default amount

  • Fix [Variant info] Inventory blank when edit variant

  • Fix [Contact-SalesPersonView] Add additional information ( Email, Phone and address )

  • Fix [Contact - Sales Person] add additional import (Email, Phone and Address)

  • Fix [Report Outlet] Filter By Month not running

  • Fix [Variant Update history] Empty mobile view

  • Fix [Mobile View - Contact] Empty Mobile View

  • Fix [Outlet add/edit] Disable save when outlet name blank with space

  • Fix [Edit Variant] Add Outlet price but not fill price show underfined%

  • Fix [Prepaid Type] Types cannot be seen in UI but appear when export

  • Fix [Edit Variant Form] Commission not saved

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