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WebApp Version 11.0.8 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Sales Order type - implement suspend

  • Sell - Fulfillment Later - Add Option for Recipient not as a buyer


Bug Fix :

  • Fix [User] Add new User must submit twice to complete save

  • Fix [Report category] Wrong calculation in net sales

  • Fix [Reports] Reports detail Cost and Profit show 0%

  • Fix [Manufactured] Error when input zero cost in job order

  • Fix [Variant Log] Wrong hyperink when click Button Sales History

  • Fix [Report - Price] Add Export

  • Fix [Inventory Allocated] 0 in front code not showing in export csv

  • Fix [Purchase report - Outlet Month Performance] Export Blank

  • Fix [Sell V2] Debt Limit on Customer contact settings doesn’t Work in first transaction

  • Fix [Product - Image ] Cannot delete image

  • Fix [Inventory - Allocated] Not auto filter by variant name when click allocated inventory

  • Fix [SELLV2] Edit invoice with add new product, lost loyalty point

  • Fix [Shift] Config Visitor mandatory not working

  • Fix [Customer Invoice Printing] Config Loyalty Point Visible not working

  • Fix [Prepaid Type] Checlisk all not working

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