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WebApp Version 11.2.7 Changelog


System Improvement:

  • New Rounding Schema - Decimal Place Value with math method Floor, Round, and Ceiling

  • Push Notification after create a new PICK

  • New Fulfillment report - Product

  • Sell - Search sales person support with code and phone

Bug Fix :

  • Fix [Sell] Edit Customer invoice payment UNPAID Click PAY should select later

  • Fix [Shift] Invoice void not update in box Invoice/void

  • Fix [Sell - Partial Payment] Not detect previous payment amount when edit the invoice

  • Fix [Product] Product’s Commission is missing after Import Regular CSV (without Commission column)

  • Fix [Contact] Import SIgnUp Outlet and Exclusive outlet not working

  • Fix [Printing] Delivery, Supplier bill, Estimate not apply css

  • Fix [Sales Order] Sales Order From Convert estimate - Remove label Voided and showing convert invoice button

  • Fix [Report] Product By Outlet - filter quantitiy form ( -999 ) not showing qty =0

  • Fix [Sell] show unit qty in item cart

  • Fix [Inventory detail - allocated] wrong data when invoice with partial fulfillment

  • Fix [Debt] Account Receiveable detail - Showing search bar

  • Fix [Sell] Sell using promotion minimum purchase - Price not following promotion

  • Fix [ Adjustment] Report Adjustment - Cannot be exported

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