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WebApp Version 11.2.8 Changelog


Bug Fix:

  • Fix [Orders] Show "ship to" button when fulfillment is unsent

  • Fix [Sell] Invalid amount charge showing after sell when create invoice with include tax

  • Fix [Supplier bill Print] Wrong receipt template

  • Fix [Delivery] Print with mini not showing item

  • Fix [Product] Edit product type composite/prepaidpackage/prepaidpoint/noninventoy should not showing inventory

  • Fix [Orders] Fix hide button edit when user dont have access to outlet

  • Fix [Payment] Received payment not showing payment with AR collection

  • Fix [Adjustment] Add sort by ascending an descending

  • Fix [Delivery] Outlet delivery report - Filter To not working ( H+1 )

  • Fix [Delivery] Config Barcode serial enabled not working in outlet delivery

  • Fix [Promotion] Filter not status not working

  • Fix [Account Payable] Sort by not working

  • Fix [Product] Product multi UOM - cannot change product standard to multi uom if product parent is multi uom before

  • Fix [Contact] Add new contact - several config required not working when input new customer in contact

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