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WebApp Version 11.2.9 Changelog


System Improvement :

  • New terminology for Delivery Menu

As we continue to make our products more relevant to genuine business forms, we have changed some of the menu names in the Delivery module.

Delivery => Logistics

Outlet Delivery => Transfer Order

Customer Delivery => Outbound Logistics

Supplier Delivery => Inbound Logistics

  • New User Interface for Outbound and Inbound Logistics

  • New user interface for Notification Page


Bug Fixes :

  • Fix [Reports - Customers - Top Supplier] Hyperlink on Supplier name shows API Error

  • Fix [Printing] Loyalty points still appear even though config visible is made no

  • Fix [Report - Category] Total discount and total net sales don’t match the amount

  • Fix [Sell - Choose Outlet] Other user can choose active register without close previous shift

  • Fix [Delivery] Can’t edit cost on delivery menu]

  • Fix [Reports - Outlet performance] Purchase + tax column in the performance outlet doesn’t match the detail report

  • Fix [Delivery - Supplier Delivery] Role DeliveryEditor not working in supplier delivery info

  • Fix [Sell] Purchase 'Prepaid Points' products, the expiration will be set to 3 months.

  • Fix [Invoice - Payment] Edit Partial Payment doesn’t work properly

  • Fix [Orders - Supplier Bill] Stuck loading while printing purchase order

  • Fix [Sell] Loyalty Point Used Doesn’t Decrease By Total Amount

  • Fix [Orders - Print Packing Slip] Mobile Phone customers disappear in Print Out

  • Fix [Sell - Quantity] When input Decimal Qty, Zeros show

  • Fix [Inventory] Allocated stock from ‘Sales Order’ will redirect to Dashboard

  • Fix [Report - Category] Total discount and total net sales don’t match the amount

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