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WebApp Version 11.3.0 Changelog


Bug Fixes :

  • Fix [Promotion] When coupon balance is 1/1 it’s still can be used three times

  • Fix [Sell & Buy] If a ratio exists in the standard product, the price will be multiplied by the ratio

  • Fix [Buy] When input products, your supplier contacts will be reset (Visual-Bug)

  • Fix [Dashboard] The debt menu still links to the old angular

  • Fix [Orders] Print Delivery & Supplier Bill Order Item index is not the same as the invoice

  • Fix [Sell] When inputting Discount Amount per Invoice with customer name, the Discount is not shown

  • Fix [Buy] Can't drag the product

  • Fix [Prepaid Package] Package type display doesn’t appear/blank

  • Fix [Setup - Configuration] 'Buy shipping Default' config doesn't work if set to Later

  • Fix [Buy] When the transaction is completed, the product list entered before doesn’t match

Illustration by Polina Golubeva from Ouch!

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