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WebApp Version 11.3.1 Changelog


Bug Fixes :

  • Fix [Debt - AP] Can't print invoices on AP because it's linked to AP Collection

  • Fix [Buy] When returning purchase order and edit the product qty payment will be 0

  • Fix [Prepaid Package] when check in and check out using member’s code not showing any information in the toaster

  • Fix [Logistics] Outbound Logistic shows HTML tag on note

  • Fix [Buy] Discount percentage per product did not show when editing the supplier bill

  • Fix [Buy] When editing a product, the cursor does not point to the part you want to edit

  • Fix [Logistic] Error when scanning product on Transfer Order Send Confirmation

  • Fix [Buy] Can’t return serialized Product

  • Fix [Buy] When uploading a product by CSV, the cost in CSV is different from the result after being uploaded by CSV

  • Fix [Promotion - Event] When you fill in the promo time range and then want to save, the save button doesn't work

  • Fix [Prepaid Package] Prepaid package point if 0 points showing infinity symbol

  • Fix [Buy] Unit Cost Visible When Clicking Item on the cart

  • Fix [Supplier Bill] Receive date for supplier bill not according to created date

Illustration by Tatyana Krasutskaya from Ouch!

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