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WebApp Version 11.3.6 Changelog


New Feature:

  • New config for Photo Required when creating contact

  • New Setup to set Storage Location in Product Form

System Improvements:

  • Give font color for status in Estimate List

  • Fix outlet selection display in Sales Person form

  • New display for Register Info & Register Form

  • Display uom name in estimate order info

  • Update several log type name in Variant Log

  • Inventory log change 0 to (-)

  • Outbound Logistic add search for Customer

  • UI improvements in all menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Inventory - Awaiting] When you receive the goods partially on the supplier bill, the goods that have not been received also disappear in the awaiting inventory

  • Fix AP Collection show wrong outlet when chosen & blocking 1st transaction when selected

  • Return Export Product with Pricebook and Inventory

  • Fix [Orders - Rounding] Different rounding in each menu (Report Detail + Invoice Info vs Report Summary + Invoice List)

  • Fix cannot merge supplier

  • Fix discontinued outlet still can be selected when create new product

  • Fix price is showing in Work Order Printing

  • Fix Receive button is not disappeared when outbound logistic has been received

  • Fix customer detail info in print bill showing undefined value

  • Fix [Sell - Rounding] Wrong calculation with specific rounding settings

  • Fix [Estimate] If Buy enable settings in Outlet configuration is not active, Outlet Option disappear when creating Estimate

  • Fix Fulfillment Time in Delivery Fulfillment Column is not in 24 hours format

  • Fix DealPOS icon not showing in the Web

  • Fix [Sell] Loyalty Point didn’t decrease when inputting loyalty point from editing customer invoice

  • Fix pagination in Prepaid History & Package if accessed from Contact info

  • Fix estimate caching last product inputted when create new

  • Fix bug cannot update pricebook after importing

  • Fix export report complete detail when sales order is suspended

  • Fix Format Contact not deleting Supplier's record

  • Fix Purchase Order can't be printed

  • Fix Search in Variant Log not working

  • Fix Export Product with Buffer and Threshold showing too many decimal

  • Fix Role Loyalty Point Editor not working, if disabled it still can edit the loyalty point

  • Fix Overdue Account when login not directing to My Subscription Page

  • Fix Wrong Label after Transfer Order Complete

  • Fix [Supplier Bill - Edit] When editing the supplier bill, if COST is 0 takes the Last Buy Cost price

  • Fix Edit quantity for serialized product error even when nothing is changed

  • Fix [Buy - Return] Can’t return Serialized Product from (+) icon / F4 button

  • Fix If user not have cost role, when add new outlet price option button currenccy for unit cost not show

  • Fix Logistic - Transfer Order if want to transfer serialized product using (+) Button the serial number can't be selected

  • Fix [Buy] When selecting Outlets + editing items on the cart, the cursor will not immediately reappear on the product search bar

  • Fix [Sell - Promotion event] Promotion event type by category not detected if input by scanner

  • Fix [Sell - Promotion event] Promotion event type by category not triggering for the child category

Illustration by Natasha Remarchuk from Ouch!

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