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WebApp Version 11.3.8 Changelog


System Improvement:

  • Show Category full name in filter product when hovering

  • Direct to login page when accessing old URL in POS

  • Show payment status in Buy complete page

  • Optimization for Export Report Detail with Complete Detail

  • Unfullfiled Invoice - Clear Date Range

  • New Input form for Product + Variant Description

  • Remove Undo button

  • Estimate - Outlet auto selected if there is only 1 outlet in the account

  • Add config to change Bill label

Bug Fixes:

  • Provide checking for entity access in Invoice info - Fulfillment so the number hyperlink is disabled

  • Forbidden Checking for Entity Access so user with specific outlet access can't access transaction from restricted outlet

  • Fix Fulfillment - Unfulfilled Product - Number hyperlink some of it direct to dashboard

  • Fix Print Outbound Logistic from List and info show different format

  • Fix filter button not showing in Mobile View

  • Fix Config default Group not working in Sell when add customer

  • Fix Supplier Bill can't be edited if the payment status is Unpaid

  • Fix cannot pay from editing buy

  • Fix [Sell] Sales order type receipt didn’t applied in the sell menu

  • Fix [Orders] Button OK when void supplier bill doesn't work

  • Fix Inventory at Date search by product not working

  • Fix Pricebook can't be selected when Park & Retrieve

  • Fix Sell Serialized product with promotion can't input the serial because promotion name is stuck

  • Fix [Dashboard] Hyperlink total inventory on dashboard not working

  • Remove column fulfillemnt date if Fulfillment Date Label is null

  • Fix When editing item notes in the customer invoice, the outbound logistic print result is not showing the updated item notes

  • Fix [Logistic] Item note didn’t appear in the outbound logistic from the customer invoice + Note is not allign with other column

  • Fix hyperlink to message body in Push Notification from API

  • Fix Outlet Delivery printing logo override Outlet info + address

  • Fix Discount amount per product not showing in invoice info

  • Return Print Estimate in Estimate Complete page

  • Fix Product image broken when using scanner

  • Fix Edit product does not need to check upper or lower case

  • Fix Created info in Invoice info can't be clicked to direct to Invoice update history

  • Fix double note when change pricebook

  • Fix [Report - Monthly] Monthly vs Monthly comparison not match amount

  • Fix [Report - Daily] Filter Category not working in Report Daily

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