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WebApp Version 11.4.1 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Add Export Adjustment Counted Inventory

  • Adjustment Info show the same item in a different row

  • Adjust row size for Report Detail

  • Performance Improvement when accessing Report - Product Sold

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Role Cost and Inventory - Edit not applied when disabled in Product Add + Edit

  • Fix Barcode Serial Enabled not working in Sell and Transfer Order

  • Fix Transfer Order form when open is not auto-focused to item cart search

  • Fix Promotion Event can't update the price using CSV

  • Fix Product Sold UI if there is Update ROP column is broken

  • Fix Update ROP function in Product Sold.

  • Fix Edit Invoice to return will double the input stock

  • Fix Account Payable when accessed from Dashboard auto filtered the date and status

  • Fix Discount Amount still showing in Total Category Sales Report

  • Fix Overselling affect Outbound Logistic so it can't be sent

  • Fix Report Detail and Daily Report show different values in Transaction, Net Sales, Tax, Net Sales + Tax, Cost & Profit

  • Fix Forgot Password password link from Email not working

Illustration by Dmitry Nikulnikov from Ouch!

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