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WebApp Version 11.4.3 Changelog


New Features:

  • New Page for Outlet Info with new info for Created and Modified By

  • Upload multiple images in Product

  • Upload file in Fulfillment - Pick Info now supports PDF file

System Improvements:

  • Add in Outlet Group - Variant Info Tabs

  • Apply role Inventory View in Product List and Variant Info

  • [Reports - Peak Hour] Range time needs to be explained in more detail

  • New UI for Product Form

  • Receipt template-Outlet name must be mandatory

  • New UX for Data for Average Cost in Variant Update History

  • Add New Column for CostDiscount in Import + Export Product

  • Show Category Full name in Filter Product - Variant

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Product log] When Editing Return Customer Invoice, Variant Log In Stock is Increased but not Edited

  • Fix Print view of customer Invoice past the printed page

  • Fix [Sell] Debt limit doesn’t appear if the Enable loyalty point configuration is not activated

  • Fix Search Product in Report - Product Sold not working if there is UpperCase

  • Fix [Reports] Filter display returns if we set the date filter

  • Fix Print Inventory Timeline - Breakdown the header is covering the 1st data

  • Fix Category Total Sales Calculation shows the wrong value

  • Fix [Sell] Debt can over limited if using partial Payment

  • Fix Variant Update History not updating the user when the supplier bill is edited by the different user from the creator user

  • Fix Fulfillment Pick-save button always show

Illustration by Dmitry Nikulnikov from Ouch!

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