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WebApp Version 11.4.5 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • New UI for Note Form in Sell

  • Add New Button to insert buy Qty from On Hand to Max

  • Show Reorder and MAX Inventory in Buy Form

  • Receipt template-Outlet name must be mandatory

  • New Info for Inventory by Outlet Group in Variant Info

  • Add extra Validation QRIS Gopay

  • Add Protection for double received Transfer Order

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Random Invoice number popup in Report - Detail Header

  • Fix Page Size Filter in Report - Product Sold not working

  • Fix Can duplicate email when editing supplier

  • Fix Invoice - Add Payment not working

  • Fix Upload Image in Customer Display Form not working

  • Fix Park Layout not showing properly

  • Fix When adjusting as delivered is 0 qty, and when we try to edit the supplier bill, the qty becomes 1

  • Fix Can't Create Outlet Group

  • Fix When Creating Park Order with Sales Person, The Next Transaction After Park is Still Using Previous Sales Person

  • Fix QRIS transaction_id Duplicate, when we call Midtrans API they didn't return Unique Transaction_id

Illustration by Dmitry Nikulnikov from Ouch!

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