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WebApp Version 11.5.2 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Apply Full Access Coupon to Pricebook Selector

  • Showing success status when success import new payment

  • Product Category Circular prevention for Bad Data

  • Apply Remaining Label Config to Printing A4

  • Implement Serialized form handling in Adjustment Form + Show Cost Column in Product Modal

  • Add load button for todays report in Dashboard

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Config Show Promotion Amount is not adding the discount when adding the qty

  • Fix [Orders - Customer Invoice] OK button is not responsive when Editing Sales Order Type

  • Fix [Reports - Details] Filter with sales order type isn’t working when Export

  • Fix Several UI Issue in Contact Info + Form

  • Fix cannot upload image from product info

  • Fix Import Payment using CSV error 500 and is not showing success status

  • Fix Inbounc Logistic can't be deleted

  • Fix Debt limit with limit 0 not working when use partial payment

  • Fix Supplier blank after add new item to cart

  • Fix Reject Adjustment not working and Fix format time created to 24 hours

  • Fix Filter Date is -1 in Payment Receipt & Writeoff in .COM Domain

  • Fix Decimal qty for outbound logistic automatically rounding after editing twice

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