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WebApp Version 11.5.3 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Optimization for Report Summary

  • Improvement in Fulfillment Pick Form + Outbound Logistic Form to show 10 latest transaction and support search transaction number

  • Add Function to Create Transfer Order and Export in Inventory Over

  • Add Function to Create Purchase Order from Low on Stock Inventory + adjust qty according to MAX Inventory

  • Change Category Select in Product Form to Tree Select

  • Add New Column for Received Date in Transfer Order Detail Report

  • Add [Fulfillment] Additional toasters in Unfulfilled Invoices menu

  • Show Numbering & Digital Payment Tab in Outlet Info

  • Apply Full Access Coupon to Pricebook Selector

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Outbound Logistics] Print preview over page format

  • Fix Bug UI - Transfer Order Info if Cost and Price Visible config is disabled the UI is broken

  • Fix Bug - Print with serial if the serial is too long override the table column

  • Fix Bug - Reprint Expired Point date from old invoice showing the latest renewed point expiration date

  • Fix Error when open payment daily

  • Fix [Outbound Logistics] Count column can over QTY when Qty Count Config is active

  • Fix Report - Product Sold can only search using first name

  • Fix Outlet Performance still counts voided invoice when filtered by Category

  • Fix Invoice & PO info cannot be opened from Logistic Page

  • Remove html tag from Report Detail Info when input note from Sell

  • Fix [Payment Received - Filter Date] Previous Date Automatically Disabled : Day, Month, Year

  • Fix Report - Outlet Performance Detail Transaction Column disappear when filtered by Category

  • Fix Category Page can't be opened

  • Fix [Sell - Discount] Product Discount (Amount) can exceed product prices

  • Fix [Adjustment - Archive] Quick Key “F4” Didn’t Show Inventory Detail

  • Fix [Logistic] Receive Order Button always appeared in the Outbound Logistic Invoice Detail

  • Fix Mobile View in Report when filter button is Clicked the filter is cut

  • Fix [Report - Daily] Filter Type not working

  • Fix [Prepaid Package - Print Check in Invoice] Print Preview Show Blank Paper

  • Fix Config Show Promotion Amount is not adding the discount when adding the qty

  • Fix [Orders - Customer Invoice] OK button is not responsive when Editing Sales Order Type

  • Fix [Reports - Details] Filter with sales order type isn’t working when Export

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