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WebApp Version 11.5.5 Changelog


System Improvements:

  1. Remove Number of Person Config from Park and move it to Note so it will always show

  2. Apply Email checking format in User - Email

  3. Move Peak Hour - Visitor View Report to More Menu - Advanced + Relayout the table

  4. Apply Remaining Label Config to Printing A4

  5. add Role description as tooltip in Group Form

  6. Add Function to Export Report - Order Type

  7. New Layout for Pick Form + Info

  8. Show Inventory info in Pick Form when select the Warehouse

  9. Remove Max Character in Item Note for Sell, Buy, Transfer Order and Adjustment

  10. Delete Ship should be automatically delete Outbound logistics

  11. Add role Cost in menu Inbound Logistics Report and Export

  12. Create Notification checking for showing notification in Pick List

  13. Create Toaster in Transfer Order Form when Source and Destination Outlet is the same

  14. Add Function to Export Inbound and Outbound Logistic Report Detail

  15. Inbound Logistic - Double Receive Guard

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix Brand not showing in csv when export product

  2. Fix When create new customer from Sell and assign the group, the discount in customer group is not applied

  3. Fix Sales person tooltip show twice

  4. Fix customer pricebook is first priority instead general pricebook

  5. Fix Fulfillment - Pack,Ship & All total count showing API Error

  6. Fix Sales Return applied to discount instead of showing negative amount

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