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WebApp Version 11.5.7 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • [Sell] Disable textbox at Price, Discount % and Discount amount when user don't have access to edit

  • Adjust Adjustment Report use same load data handling with Report Detail

  • Show Total Guest, Average Amount per Guest, Average Amount per Invoice in EOD Mail

  • Extra Validation for QRIS Payment

  • Create new config to set prefix for Transfer Order

  • Create Page for QRIS Printing

  • Contact Export with detail - add new column "Identification"

  • Add New Tab for PickPack in Variant Info

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Can't Print Invoice because of Loyalty Issue

  • Fix Export Product Sold if filtered by Sales Type still showing all transaction

  • Fix Inbound Logistics - Created by should showing username that created logistics

  • Fix [Shift] Add manual Shift counted payment always make minus difference

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