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WebApp Version 11.6.0 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Add New Function for Erase (To delete Voided Invoice + Sales Order)

  • Change handling for Posted Payment in Shift Detail

  • Add New Column for Mobile when Export Current Point

  • Join + Delete several Tab in Webhook Configuration

  • Remove HTML Tag for Note Column in Purchase Detail Export csv

  • Show Available Inventory in Inventory - Valuation

  • Add Code Column in Inventory Over Page

  • Add City Column in Export Report Detail - With Contact Detail

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Buy] When trying to return the product using right-click, the total amount to pay is showing wrong amount

  • Fix Toaster Message is not clear when converting estimate to Invoice, but the product has not enough inventory

  • Fix Hide Zero Inventory Outlets Config not working

  • Fix Account Receiveable not showing in Shift Printing

  • Fix Filter Customer Group in Report Summary not working

  • Fix Voided Sales Order still showing Convert Invoice Button

  • Fix Variant info - Description showing html

  • Fix Variant info - Group Tab - On hand blank

  • Fix [Sell] Salesperson on product item cannot be saved after retrieve if the invoice is parked

  • Fix 500 characters limit in Receipt Template Note

  • Fix Image in Report - Product Sold showing broken image

  • Fix [Sell] Print transaction after Sell didn’t show the Sales person name

  • Fix Received change to 0 when fill counted in Shift Form

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