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WebApp Version 11.6.3 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • New UI for Shift - Edit Form

  • SELL Scan Product - give a sound when can't find a product

  • Apply Role Debt - View to view Customer's Debt in Sell

  • New Page for Role Info

  • Report Visitor-Add 1 column for total visitors

  • New Format data for Loyalty Points (To reset Customer's loyalty point to 0)

  • Import data csv only showing csv file type (To prevent other unwanted files to be selected when importing data using csv files)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix [Orders - Invoice] Note Box doesn’t wrap automatically

  • Fix Customer can make transaction over the Debt Limit, if there is no access to Debt Menu

  • Fix Overdue Customer Invoice Limit not triggering after input the customer

  • Fix [Edit - Sell] Negative inventory configuration doesn't work when Editing Invoice

  • Fix Can't export Purchase Report - Detail

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