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WebApp Version 11.6.4 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Promotion Coupon can apply to specific outlet

  • Add New Config for Discontinued in Tax Form

  • Show toaster when input component with 0 quantity

  • Show Descriptive error when deleting variant that already has a transaction

  • Change Terminology when Export Product with Min&Max Inventory

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Sort Button in Report - Summary Not working

  • Fix bug buy enabled display code outlet

  • Fix [Shift] Note and Visitor cannot be saved after closing the register

  • Fix Orders- Customer Invoice filter by Sales Type not working

  • Fix Sell - Cannot do the sell transaction by offline mode

  • Fix Insert Weight from Weight Form in Extra Card, if multiple variant the weight will input differently

  • Fix Assistant Point Form not showing in Prepaid Type Form

  • Fix Product Sold with Description will show cost even when the user has no Cost Role

  • Fix Created Time in Payment Detail showing 1 hour faster than the transaction in .COM domain

  • Fix Number form can be changed using scroll

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