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WebApp Version 11.6.5 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Apply Role Reprint Restriction in After Sell Page

  • Add New Config to hide Number of Person Visible in Customer Invoice

  • Create New Config for Buy Config Payment Later Default Days Configuration

  • BUY & Transfer Order Give toaster warning when input qty more than Max inventory

  • Change text area to TinyMCE in modal edit note customer invoice

  • Transfer Order Destination Outlet show full name when hover

  • Create New Config in Loyalty for Maximum Earned Point per Transaction

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Burger Menu in Mobile has border

  • Fix Manufacture info can't be opened

  • Fix When config Loyalty - Exclusive Full Price Product is enabled, Promotion Price with discount still add customer loyalty point

  • Fix Cannot Search Invoice Number from middle to last number

  • Fix note can not be updated

  • Fix Invoice note typing cursor always go back to the first character

  • Fix Report - Product Sold if there is discount amount/product & Discount % invoice the value is wrong

  • Fix Shift Cannot add previous shift manually

  • Fix Products Saved Product Description Cannot be Shown When Editing

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