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WebApp Version 11.6.7 Changelog


System Improvements:

  • Add new button to Delete All Outlet Price in Products - Custom Outlet Price

  • Fix Dashboard Card Layout when only several metrics enabled

  • Add New Column for Type + Support Show All Tax

  • Add New Report for Purchase Report - Tax Report

  • Create New Config for Loyalty Enabled + Relayout Loyalty Config

  • Chart in Monthly Report now support multiple years

  • Adjust Bulk Print Page filter according to Update Invoice Unit Cost UI

  • Import Promotion Coupon can support Outlet Column

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Outlet when click next page the data is not changed

  • Fix Discount per Item not showing in Printing Purchase Order

  • Fix AR Collection Due Date not showing in AR detail

  • Remove html tag in description column when export product csv

  • Fix When Creating Sales Transaction in Sell menu with Customer and Invoice Discount, the Customer Invoice created cannot be deleted

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