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WebApp Version 11.7.1 Changelog


Support Login with Google

For those who always have a hard time to remember the login password, have no worries because right now we already provide you to login using your Google Account, as long as your user email is connected with your browser, just a simple click 'Login with Google' will automatically log you in to your DealPOS account.

New Config for Original Price as Strikethrough for Promotion Price

To avoid confusion between Discount and Promotion Price we decided to replace config Show Promotion Discount Amount with Original Price as Strikethrough, so you can view what is the original price of the product, but it will be strikethrough instead the promotion price will be shown clearly.

Product & Variant edit form show active promotion info

Having trouble when you want to change your Product's price but you are not sure whether if the product is applied to a Promotion or not? Right now, we will make things easier for you, when you edit the Product via Product form on the WEB you can see whether the product you want to edit is applied to a promotion or not.

Minor Improvements:

  • Enlarge checkbox when retrieve parked orders

  • Promotion Event if Outlet form is blank change the placeholder to 'Apply to All Outlet'

  • Discount Percentage per-Product on A4 print will disappear when there is no discount product

  • Block Sending Outbound Logistic if transaction is still in Sales Order (has not converted to Invoice)

  • Resize Input box in Login Page for Mobile View

  • New Display for Sales Person Report (Commission Report)

  • Apply Role Inventory View in Product List Inventory

  • Use intent to save destination link in POS if user have not logged in

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Big Picture in the first picture Product is not optimal (Small)

  • Fix Closing Shift not according to transaction timezone

  • Fix Export - Transfer Order Detail if user has no role for COST the header is still showing

  • Fix Monthly Report Chart not showing

  • Fix printing format for Tax & Service in Sell is different between after sell and reprint

  • Fix Invoice Note when edited is not changed in Outbound Delivery + Delivery with serial Print & Sales Order Printing showing html tag

  • Fix Digital Regex causing Sell cannot read Product code

  • Fix Pricebook in Sell when applied by Qty, if the qty is changed pricebook is still applied

  • Fix Export Adjustment Report always return 100 row count + page 1

  • Fix Cannot Print Estimate

  • Fix Voided Invoice still can be accessed via Invoice Update History Hyperlink, when user has no access to void invoice

  • Fix Inventory Summary by Outlet Total column is not alligned with the content

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