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WebApp Version 11.7.2 Changelog


Show Invoice Returned Number in Invoice Info

We realized that our invoice return number is not showing clear information to which invoice that the invoice is returned, so we provide you with new section for Return info in the Invoice Info page and we add hyperlink too so you can access the invoice easier.

Monthly Sales Graph showing total sales at the top of the bar + when hover can show both Profit and Cost

Some customer feel like it's a hassle to view the data (Profit or Cost) by hovering each bar in the Graph page. We hear you and make it easier just by hovering fo 1 bar you can see both Profit and Cost for the month you want to view and to add the cherry on top we show the total sales for that month on the top of the bar.

Add New Menu for What's New in Dropdown Menu

Do you want to know about our latest feature, improvements and bug fixes? It is so easy, you can read our latest changelog so you will know whether our new features or improvements will meet your needs or your reported bugs/issues has already been fixed.

Minor Improvements:

  • Add Exclamation Mark in icon return if the transaction is Return

  • Add 3 months subscription in Choose your plan

  • Add Pagination in Debt - Account Receiveable + Export just like in Contact Export

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Sell with Shift after 1st transaction, when click New Sell the Register is still Vacant

  • Fix Non Taxable Product still showing tax in Estimate

  • Fix Export Inventory Valuation value is different when filtered by Discontinue is YES

  • Fix bug outdelivery note does not show

  • Fix Shift when edited and add is not changed

  • Fix Adjustment + Transfer Order when input note, it will automatically save when use enter key

  • Fix Role Export not working in Prepaid Package - Package

  • Fix [Sell] Customer Invoice Print Result after sell is not adjusted to center when using Mozilla Firefox

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